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Where do you want to go when the pandemic is over?

Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarorszag) is a landlocked country in central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The famous Danube river, which flows from southern Slovakia into Hungary, divides the country into two parts: the Alps in

There are so many sights worth visiting in the island nation of Japan

Tokyo How many sights are worth visiting in a small Island country in Japan? How do you describe Tokyo? Every traveler can turn this into their dream destination: shopaholics and shopaholics will not abandon every shop in Shinjuku, Shibuya and

What are some of the best places to visit in the Philippines?

The Republic of the Philippines (Tagalog: Republika ng Pilipinas), or The Philippines for short, is a multi-ethnic archipelago nation in Southeast Asia, located in the Western Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of 299,700 square kilometers and has a population

Take a deep breath and soak up the charm of Split, a coastal city in Croatia.

Split, Croatia’s second largest city and an important southern European tourist destination, derives its name from the ancient name of a common local shrub. Its historic old town centre was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The

The Netherlands is a country of tulips

Holland is a country full of tulips and windmills. With a total area of 41,000 square kilometers, it is an important transportation connection point for Western European countries and an important outlet to the Atlantic Ocean.  Mentioned the Netherlands maybe you

What are some of Portugal’s most popular cityscapes?

Lisbon     Lisbon is the capital of the Portuguese Republic, Portugal’s largest seaport city, located at the westernmost point of the European continent, has been settled in prehistoric times.  Roman rule began in 205 BC when Julius Caesar elevated the

Wild West Australia, lost in a lonely land

Choosing Western Australia as the destination of this trip is bound to be an unusual trip!   Back in 2009 we first crossed the equator and flew to the southern hemisphere.  During the four-hour flight across The territory of Australia, we

National Plan for Vacation Day is the Perfect Time to Enlist the Help of a Travel Agent

Tuesday is National Plan for Vacation Day. Launched by the U.S. Travel Association’s Project: Time Off initiative in 2017, the last Tuesday in January is a day to encourage Americans to begin planning for their next vacation at the start

2019 Travvy Awards Names Best Hotels & Resorts Around the World

1/17 The World’s Best Hotels and Resorts Hotels and resorts around the world continue to evolve and up their game in so many remarkable ways, from increased integration of technology to ever more innovative wellness offerings and uniquely local experiences.

Complete List of 2019 Travvy Awards Winners

1/21 2019 Travvy Award Winners The 2019 Travvy Awards were handed out at New York City’s Gotham Hall on Wednesday night. Read on to see which destinations, travel suppliers and industry players were recognized as the best of the best by